Mariana F

Mariana F

I've been practicing yoga for more than 10 years now, but I fell in love with it and made it and everyday practice nd lifestyle since 5 years ago. I've taught in Mexico city, Berli, London and now here!! my new home!
My main focus in my teachings is meditation, a dynamic vinyasa flow focused on chakra alignment, core strengthening and breathing techniques. I try to make my classes creative and I like asking my students what they're feeling and explaining to them how that might mean that a certain chakra or chakras are unbalanced in their body and how through asanas and breathing we can align ourselves back to balance. In my practice and teachings I look for cultivating balance and creating space for inner healing and through this being able to deepen our connection with ourselves, our bodies and our practice :)
I feel so passionate about this, I love it so much and enjoy it so much, it makes me very happy to share what I know with others and help with as much as I can. I'm also trained in zazen and metta meditation.

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