Nations Cup Floorball nov 11

As part of the effort to raise the sports activities of the student nations, we will carry out a number of "Nations Cups" with the idea that they will be repeated annually.

  • Nations Cup in Floorball 11/11.
  • Conditions:
  • One team per nation
  • Game format: 5v5 on small goals
  • Mixed team
  • Matches 1x12 min
  • Location: Campus1477
  • Cup format: Group play with single series. Semifinals and Final
  • Time: Group play starts at around 11 am and the finals are finished at around 6pm (we will get back to you with the exact start time when we know how many teams have signed up)
  • Game schedule will come when we know how many teams have signed up
  • Last day of registration 7/11

The team registration is done through the Sports Manager at the nation in the form

ATTENTION! No registration fee!

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