Student Cup Basket 3x3 dec 5

As part of the effort to lift the sports activities amongst students in Uppsala, we will carry out a number of "Student Cups". 

Student Cup in Basketball 3x3 5/12

  • Student team
  • Max 10 teams - first come, first serve!
  • Mixed (at least one of one or the other gender)
  • Game rules:
  • The matches are 10 minutes and if equal at the final whistle, the match is decided by a golden goal
  • Two groups with five teams in each group on their own court. All team meets in the group stage then playoffs.
  • Members of teams not playing at the moment judge ongoing games by the rules and fair play
  • Location: Campus1477
  • If we’re the maximum 10 teams we play between 6.30-9.30 pm
  • Medals for winning team
  • Snacks and drinks for everyone

Teamregistration notification is made in this form
Last day of registration nov 30
Free! No registration fee.


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