Kristina Y

Kristina Y

"Töm huvudet på tankar. Här inne finns ingen prestation, inga krav. Istället ett möte med dig själv. Fokus på dig själv."
It is important for me personally to not focus on individual achievement. I want my yoga class to be r e l a x e d, fun, challenging, enjoyable and a meeting with yourself.
For me personally, yoga is an oasis, breathing space and a sanctuary. It gives me the opportunity to stop what I´m doing, feel how I´m feeling and just be in myself.
During my adventures in Nepal, yoga found me and I was hooked! I have worked as an instructor since 1999, and as a yoga teacher since 2003.
I love to teach and get inspired by my yogis that come to my classes.
I am an adventurous person with a thirst for life and I love to try new sports, and yoga helps me to have the right mind-set.
My strength lies in the diversity of my sports, from the quietness of yoga to the excitement of mountain climbing.

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