Kvalborg Dodgeball Championship

Missa inte vårens roligaste turnering! En dag fylld av skratt, svett, musik och skönt häng i parken. Dra ihop nationsgäng eller kursare och anmäl ditt lag!

Pris för bästa spelutstyrsel! Alla nivåer välkomna!

Arrangörer: Campus1477 tillsammans med Dodgeball Sweden

Gruppspel. De främsta 8 lagen går till kvartsfinal. 

När: Lördag 29/4 kl 14.00–17.00.
Plats: Campus1477 Blåsenhus, beachplanerna (inomhus vid dåligt väder).
Pris: 300 kr/lag (minst 6 personer i ett lag, mixlag - minst 2 personer av varje kön på plan).
Max 16 lag.
Först till kvarn!

Anmälan: via denna länk senast 16/4.

Priser till topp 3 och specialpris till lag med bäst lagutstyrsel!


Här hittar du schema för dagen



13.45pm: Run-through of the rules and warm-up

4pm: Start of the Group Stages

4.15pm: Start of the Quarter Finals

4.45pm: Start of the Final

5pm: Prize-Ceremony.


If we are running ahead of schedule we will also have a game-mode called Armageddon (this is absolute chaos and craziness!) 


Things to bring for the tournament:

Arrive at 13.15 and get dressed, run through of rules at 13.45 and starting at 1. 

Food, snacks, water, Indoor shoes, team outfits, your awesome spirit (there is a prize for best team spirit!)

Knee pads (optional)


Quick breakdown of the rules:

Ball is alive until it hits the ground/ceiling or a player. 

If it hits a player they are out. 

If there is a catch the thrower is out, and one person from the catching team is back in. 

If a teammate is hit and another player catches the ball before it is “dead” both the thrower and hit person are still in. 

A ball can be used to block, but if the ball then hits the blocker or another teammate before hitting the ground/ceiling that person is out. 

Similarly, if the ball is caught off the deflection then the thrower is out. If you drop the ball when blocking you are out. 

Ball retrieval - hand up, step out, come back in at the back of the court. 

You can jump over the middle line to throw but you are out as soon as you land. 

Once you have 3 balls in control (in hands or easy reaching distance) you have 10 seconds to throw. 

At the opening rush, ball must be taken behind the “Activation Line”, after this opening phase you can completely disregard the “Activation Line”. 

There are no safe areas on the body. 

You may run with the ball freely in your half and you can also pass it to another player on your side.

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