Neil McGill

Neil McGill

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I thought I was fit until I did my first circuit training session when I joined the army in January 2010. I could pass the fitness tests but I wanted more.  I was determined to make myself as strong as possible while maintaining a high level of cardiovascular endurance. I spent 4 years targeting weaknesses and learning how to strengthen them in the gym. I learned from my comrades whilst also researching muscle growth online and after a while I became known for my high levels of fitness. 

 I spent a lot of this time also helping others who were failing to pass the fitness tests. I took them training with me and after a short while they would be smashing them and coming to me overjoyed. This happy feeling that we shared stayed with me, and long after I left the army I remember how amazing it feels to help people achieve their fitness goals. 

 A lot of time has passed since then, I've learned much more about fitness and how it relates to our overall happiness and well-being.  I recognise that everyone is different in their approach to fitness. My mission is to take your fitness goals and turn them into a personalised exercise program that you will find rewarding, challenging and even fun! 

 What are you trying to achieve from your workouts? Let's discuss how to make it a reality today!


Qualifications and Courses

  • Ace Certified Personal Trainer
  • Mx4 Instructor



Tel nr: 0765617993 


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