Terms of agreement


Membership in Studentmotion1477, 817600-8608, (hereinafter referred to as Campus1477) is personal. When visiting Campus1477, members must always register by swiping their membership card. In the event of loss/damage of membership cards, this must be reported immediately to the reception. It is forbidden to borrow training cards to people who are not members. If this happens, the member risk suspension from training.


During parts of the year, opening hours and schedules change: for special events, holidays, during deep cleaning and remodeling, at Christmas, New Year's and Epiphany, and during the summer months June-August. Information is available on Campus1477's website (www.campus1477.se). I am aware that Campus1477 may change the facilities and the range of activities. 


Memberships that have a validity period of at least 12 months (not clip cards) can be frozen for up to 60 days in total during the validity period. Freezing of the training card is done personally by the member for a fee, currently SEK 150 (at a distance SEK 200), which is charged at the time of freezing. For members who have an annual card (not direct debit), the freezing starts immediately. For members who pay by direct debit, the next month begins.  During the freeze period, no money is deducted via direct debit. Otherwise, freezing is granted in case of sick leave / injury (medical certificate required).


  • By accepting the membership conditions, Campus1477's rules of order and well-being are accepted as follows:
  • Booking a session means that you are obliged to attend the session. It is important that you cancel your pass if you are not going to attend. See booking rules for more information.
  • To store my bag and outer shoes in the locker in the changing room. No bags may be stored in the halls.
  • To use proper training clothes in the form of whole and clean clothes and indoor shoes. Indoor shoes are those I only use indoors.
  • To arrive in time for the training session, i.e., if the session starts at 17:00, it is important to be in place in the hall at 17:00. Arriving late causes disturbance for other participants.
  • To respect Campus1477's opening hours. I make sure to have finished my training in good time before closing time.
  • To have my own locker padlock and empty my locker before Campus1477 closes for the day. Locked lockers after closing will be cut. Campus1477 is not responsible for private belongings.
  • That I put back training equipment, weights, and mats in the intended place.
  • That my training and my behavior in Campus1477's premises does not disturb other members' training experience.
  • Not to use loose chalk/magnesium/lime or equivalent in the gym, however, it is possible to use liquid chalk as they are less dusty.
  • If a member violates one or more of the above rules and a warning is not followed, Campus1477 has the right to suspend the member.



Members and other guests are responsible for ensuring that their state of health is such that they can safely participate in activities at Campus1477.

Guardians take responsibility for minors. Campus1477 is not responsible for either personal injuries or other damages arising from accidents linked to training sessions, diet, other parts of Campus1477's services or Campus1477's premises. Campus1477 is not responsible for theft or loss that takes place on Campus1477's premises or otherwise during training sessions. If Campus1477 is deemed to be responsible for certain damage, Campus1477 is not responsible for indirect damage such as loss of income or other such losses. Campus1477's liability is in any case limited to the amount that can be reimbursed from Campus1477's liability insurance.

It is forbidden for members to conduct their own activities on Campus1477's premises.


By becoming a member, the member undertakes to leave the premises at the time specified as the closing time. When staying in unmanned premises after closing time, the member will be charged for emergency costs.


Member pays for damage to the interior caused by improper use of equipment.


The use of doping substances or suspicion thereof is considered a serious breach of contract and can lead to an indefinite suspension from Campus1477. Campus1477's doping policy.


Information about members is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you as a registered person wish to receive information about what data is processed by Campus1477, this will be communicated by Campus1477. The data subject can request correction of incorrect data. The data subject has the right to turn to Campus1477 and request that the data relating to him or her be deleted. Unless the data is necessary to fulfill agreements or other legal obligations. If a serious breach of our well-being rules is committed, a member may be permanently blocked, which means that we will save the necessary information in a closed system. Your data is stored during the time you are a customer with us. When the agreement is terminated, the data is anonymized after a predetermined time, except when we are required by law to save them for a longer period. Collected data is stored via the cloud service BRP on servers in Sweden and is not shared with companies in or outside the EU. We use the cloud service Mailchimp.com for mailings to our stakeholders and for collecting new email addresses via the website. All our mailings have a clear button where you can easily unsubscribe from further mailings or use the buttons below. The information in our register for stakeholders is saved if we consider that there is interest in Campus1477's services and networks.

If you have questions about this, please contact us at blasenhus@campus1477.se.


The contractual period is stated in the contract. Memberships paid in cash or by invoice will automatically expire at the end of the membership unless renewed. Memberships paid by direct debit have a commitment period as stated in the agreement. For the membership to expire at the end of the commitment period, notice must be given by the 5th of the month. If notice is given after the end of the commitment period, the membership will expire in the same month, or the following month if received after the 5th of the month. We recommend that termination is done in writing either on site at Campus1477 by filling out the appropriate form or by e-mail. Terminations must always have a written confirmation from Campus1477 to be valid.


Payment of all training cards is made in advance. In the case of monthly debit (direct debit), the due date is the 26th of each month, starting on the closest possible payment day after signing the consent. If the 26th falls on a public holiday or red day, the debit will be made on the next business day. The first payment is made directly at the cash desk and corresponds to the number of days remaining until the first possible withdrawal from the payer's account. If there are no funds in the account on the due date, a second attempt is made on the next business day after the due date. If funds are missing from the account even during the retry, Campus1477 has the right to charge an invoice fee and a reminder fee. The reminder fee is currently SEK 50 per missed monthly payment. If the payer notifies the bank or payee that the direct debit routine should be discontinued, the payer is obliged to pay the remaining amount by invoice with a due date of the 10th day after the day on which the consent was withdrawn. An invoicing fee will be added. Collection procedures are applied if the payer violates the contract's payment rules or fails to pay. Any additional costs incurred will be charged to the payer. Repeated non-payment entitles Campus1477 to refuse the payer to enter into a new direct debit agreement. After two missed direct debits, the total amount for the training card plus the invoice fee is invoiced and the training card is terminated at the end of the commitment period.

Direct debit agreements can only be established with an individual natural person with a Swedish personal identity number (not companies, groups, etc.), who holds a bank account in a Swedish bank in their own name and who pays the card without subsidy. The minimum age for a direct debit agreement is 18 years.

12 -  PRICE

All prices for training cards are stated in Swedish krona (SEK) including 6% VAT. The agreed price assumes that payment is made in the agreed manner. Prepaid agreements cannot be changed afterwards. Members who have committed to a certain contract period are protected against price adjustments during the contract's binding period. Changes can be made when the commitment period has expired or extended with a new contract period. However, changes in existing administrative fees and other prices, such as VAT or other taxes that Campus1477 cannot influence, also apply to a member who has signed up for a specific contract period.

Campaigns, student pricing and company agreements that allows a lower price and is paid via direct debit are automatically changed after the end of the commitment period to the regular price at the current time. Campus1477 does not refund monthly fee(s) that have been adjusted after the end of the commitment period due to a member not presenting a valid student card/employment certificate in time.

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