Memberships and start-up fees

It should be easy to get started - No start-up cost.
There should be small thresholds to get started with the training. Therefore, we have no start-up cost on our membershops. The membership price is what you pay when you have made a decision to start training with us.

Students have better prices, but everyone is welcome.
Campus1477 is owned by student organizations and has a wide range adapted for students. But you do not have to be a student to train with us. Everyone is welcome as long as you are 15 years or older.

What do you need to do to get started?
Go to our website and click on "become a member". Fill in the information so that you are in our customer system. International visitors will have to to fill in the information on site. Staff are always on site during our opening hours.

Try us out – one free week
With us, you as a new customer can train a full week for free at the start of each semester. After the start of the semester, you can purchase a weekly card, to test us out.  If you then feel that you are content with what we offer after that membership you bought, we will deduct it on a longer subscription that you believe suits you best. Our goal is for you to love us and stay a long time.

A wide range of different memberships
We have a wide range of different types of subscriptions, from one week to one year. The price becomes more advantageous the longer you choose to commit.

Divide the cost of your training card
Our direct debit subscriptions are advantageous for you who do not want to spend a larger amount at once. You will need a Swedish personal number, and a Swedish bank account.

Opportunities to pause their membership

If you have a 12-month pass, you can freeze it for up to 60 days. Each freezing costs 150 SEK (50 SEK will be added if this is not done on site). The number of times you can freeze the pass is not limited, however, the total number of days amounts to 60. As a student, you can also freeze your pass for up to 6 months if you are studying elsewhere.

Many times, your studies can take you to other cities or countries. If you have a 12-month subscription, you can pause your membership for up to 6 months. See "studies exchange programs”.
We also know that many of your members leave Uppsala during the summer, for example, for summer jobs, or spend time with their families in other parts of Swede or the world. See "Pause membershop" for more information.

Dissolution/transfer of passes
The 12-month passes can, at a cost of 250 SEK, be transferred to another person until it expires. In other words, you are allowed to "sell" your pass if you are no longer able to use our facilities. Please note! This only applies to 12-month passes.

Full price list on all memberships

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