During fall, we introduce the possibility of playing Pickleball  for free on our badminton courts.

You book your own court for badminton.You then make contact with the reception and say that you wish to book the pickleball rack and ball for the time booked above.

You pick up racket and balls - you leave your training card as a deposit!

You use same posts as for badminton. But you lower the net to 91 cm at the post and than move back the post so the net is 86 cm in the middle.


So how do you play Pickleball?

Score & Match

The matches are played to 11, and you have to win by two points. You score points on your own serve.

The server continues to serve until the team has lost the ball. In doubles, the serve then passes within the team and only when the other server has lost his serve does the serve pass to the opponents. The rule has one important exception. The team that starts serving gets only one serve.


The score is given in number series of three - first the serving team's score is given, then the receiving team's score and finally it is given whether it is server one or two who has the serve. As an example, 3-7-1 means that the serving team has three points, the receiving team has seven points, and that the serving team must serve with their first server.



The serve is hit with an underhand stroke. The server must be positioned behind the baseline and the serve must be hit diagonally into the server box on the other side of the net. You only have one serve in pickleball.


Return and the third blow

Neither the service return nor the stroke after, the third stroke may be volleyed. This means that the receiving team must let the ball bounce before returning the ball and the serving team must let the return bounce before hitting the ball over the net. After the return, the players may hit the ball both on the volley or after a bounce on the ground.


The kitchen

On both sides of the net is the so-called "kitchen". Players may not enter the kitchen unless the ball bounces into the kitchen first. The kitchen is therefore a "no-volley zone". In Pickleball, you as a player do not go closer to the net than to the kitchen boundary unless it is necessary to hit over a ball that has bounced in the kitchen.


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