The indoor rock climbing wall at Campus1477 Blåsenhus is right by the entrance. Discover a fun way to exercise that challenges your entire body! Rock wall climbing at Blåsenhus is open to all members, others pay admission. No booking required. Subject to availability.
Climbing shoes are required. If you do not have you own, these can be rented at reception. The fee to rent shoes is 50 kr per climbing session.

Bouldering classes with instructors

During the semester we have classes with instructors. We have one class for beginners and one for you that have a bit of experience. It's also the next step after you have gone to beginners class a few times.You should be familiar with bouldering safety rules to join this class

Book your spot in our app.  


5 Tips for those who want to try Bouldering

1. Warm up properly. Do not forget your fingers, wrists and ankles - it reduces the risk of injury.

2. Think about safety and make sure it is clear underneath you and on the climbing route you intended to climb.

3.To begin with, always place your big toe on the grips - not the inside of the foot.

4. Most of your body weight should be supported by your feet and legs, with your arms helping you balance. You want to save upper body strength for more difficult movements - and for that purpose, always keep your hips close to the wall

5. Start with the simple routes first and advance when completed.


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