Student Sports Membership

"Student sports member" is a new membership at Campus1477 that we can offer through the initiative Student sports lift. As a student sports member, you get the opportunity to participate in activities that are open to everyone. As an already fully paying member, you already have access to these activities and you therefore do not particularly need to become a "Student sports member", but feel free to tell your friends!

As a "Student Sports Member" at Campus1477, you get:

  • Opportunity to participate in a number of activities that is "open for Student Sports Member" 
  • You register to those open "Student Sports Sessions" in Campus1477's training app (GoActive).
  • Information about upcoming sessions and activities.
  • Lend equipment for outdoor-activities at Campus1477

Student sports membership is free and valid for the hole year 2024. 

You become a student sports member by

  1. Register on the "Become a member" page on Campus1477
  2. Email Student Sports Manager and write that you want to become a Student Sports Member
  3. After confirmation by email, you can download the GoActive mobile app! (Code for log in: 014501)
  4. Sessions that can be booked for Student Sports Members is defined as "öppet även för studentidrottsmedlemmar" ("... - open to Student Sports Members"). You can also se what activities we have for Student Sports Members under Events & Activities

Welcome as a student sports member at Campus1477 - shared joy and community!

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